Tech Specs for MySciLearn

Specs for Online Fast ForWord, called MySciLearn.

If you are wondering how much bandwidth the online version of Fast ForWord consumes, or what bandwidth speed of Internet is needed, or what computer specs are required, look no further!

Tech Specs for Fast ForWord Online, MySciLearn

Reading List by Grade Level

It is important that children read “just right” books in what is called the Zone of Proximal Development.  Once you have that zone figured out — here’s the  ZPD conversion chart by grade level— use our Reading List to choose Just Right books.  This list is drawn for the abundant teaching experience of Gemm staff, books that over the years have been shown to be “the one” that sparked a love of reading.  They are sorted by level of difficulty with indications of suitability gender-wise where appropriate, and by subject matter.

Gemm Reading List

Fast ForWord Program Matrix

Here is a summary of the programs in table format that loosely outlines the progression of skills from one exercise to the next.  Your Gemm partner uses a matrix like this in planning all protocols.  Note, Literacy and Literacy Advanced are a more mature-graphics version of Fast ForWord Language and Language to Reading v2.

Fast ForWord Matrix