Billing & Other Questions

Billing Overview

Gemm thinks in terms of months not sessions.  We do not want to create a financial incentive to skip sessions to save money.  It is a use it or lose it policy.  If you are monthly, your first month’s charge will likely be a partial month’s charge to get you onto a calendar month billing cycle.  If you prepaid for a period but want to convert to monthly after that is complete, you will be charged for a partial month to get you onto a calendar month billing.  So for instance, if your prepay ends on the 10th of the month, you will be charged 2/3 of the monthly rate to finish out that month.

Prepay clients are assumed to be ending on the prepay end date unless we hear otherwise.  Monthly clients are assumed to continue unless we hear otherwise.  If we have not had an email or letter from you prior to the end of a calendar month you will be charged for the next calendar month.

If you have any billing questions please email us at

Terms & Conditions

Typical Protocol Length

Most clients spend 4-6 months with us.  For most students this means they are able to complete the cognitive remapping programs and spend some time on reading mechanics and comprehension.  While some families take a break and come back to us later, we recommend that not doing that — the process has momentum to it and is best completed in one concerted effort.

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