What You Need To Know

Gemm Learning is your partner in this process to change the life of a student.  Using daily uploads we are monitoring progress and making decisions on where to go next.  If there is a change required we will be in touch.  Here are some of the elements of our service.

Behavioral Rating Survey.  This helps us develop a clearer picture of the student and better understand your goals.  If you have not completed one yet, please click here for the survey.

Pledge or Pitch.  It is always a good idea to talk to your child in advance about why you are doing this program.  Explain to him/her that the brain has much more in common with a muscle than it does with a hard-wired computer.  If you exercise it regularly you will become a better learner.  For our Language v2 students download the Gemm Pledge.  For Literacy students, use  this program commitment  to explain the program to older children.

MSL Progress Reports.  From about 14 days into the program you will start receiving weekend updates.  To learn more about how to read these emails go to our Progress Tracker section.

Gemm City.  If your child is signed up for Gemm City, look out for an email from us early in your first complete calendar month with your sign on details.  We award points based on attendance and effort.  These points are uploaded around the 10th of the next calendar month.  For more on Gemm City click here.

Protocol Changes.  We use your Behavioral Rating Survey, the first session assessment (or testing you have provided) as well as actual progress on the programs, to develop a Protocol Plan.  It can and often will change.  If a change is required we will be in touch.  Otherwise, keep working on the program assigned.  Remember, if you complete a game, that time is reallocated into more time for the other games.

Support Emails.  You will start receiving support emails from us on a regular basis.  These emails are designed to remind you of the key ingredients to success with our program and to make sure we are doing our job, such as the “have you received a progress tracker yet?” email.   To make sure you don’t lose these in your Junk Email folder, be sure to label us a safe sender.