Motivation Ideas

Setting Goals and Prizes

Sometimes students need extra incentives to help maintain motivation and effort throughout the program.

Keeping track of exercise points

Points sheets are provided before each new program and also available under the Program Materials section of My Gemm.  Keeping track of daily scores, allows the opportunity to reward milestones, such as total points for the week, high scores, beating the score from the previous day in the same game, or improving on a challenging exercise.

Here are some things that Gemm Families have tried:

      (a) total points for week
      (b) more than three new highs in one day
      (c) beating two of yesterday’s scores
      (d) points for child’s toughest exercise
      (e) scoring more than 500 and 1,000 in any game ever.

Other Incentive Ideas

Try brainstorming rewards with your child to come up with a special reward which is connected to simple benchmarks that your child will understand such as working regularly without reminders or protests, playing all assigned games each session and trying hard, finishing individual exercises, or completing programs.

Here are some other incentive ideas:

  • A favorite collectible — baseball cards, Matchbox cars…
  • A sleepover with a good friend (….or two!).
  • Allowing your child to invite some buddies over for dinner, take them to the movies and/or another event.
  • A late night where your child can stay up with you super-late.
  • A day where your child is the boss of the house or some derivation of that — this may mean no chores, no limits on menu, other privileges.

There is also a Gemm Learning student rewards site for students 18 and under, called Gemm City.  For more information please visit the Gemm City tab.