Love Gemm Learning? Refer a friend!

As you know, Gemm Learning programs work on deep-seated cognitive skills that are at the core of a wide variety of learning issues.  Consequently, our program can help in a lot of cases.  If you feel Gemm Learning has helped your child, chances are there are others you know – the children of close friends, family, neighbors — who could benefit.

Referral Program

Did you know that Gemm Learning has a referral program?

One perk of being a Gemm Learning client is that if you refer a friend, both you and your friend can benefit.  Your friend will receive a “Friends of Gemm” discount and you will receive a thank you reward.

How To Talk About Gemm Learning

Because each child’s case is unique, the way our program helps does vary depending on the learning difficulties involved.  Here is a suggestion about how to talk about us to a friend:

“Language processing is the most fundamental of all skills, for reading, listening and paying attention.  Some children do not develop these skills to the point where learning is easy and the schools are no help — they focus on instruction, not resolving underlying learning difficulties.

Gemm Learning uses neuroscience-based software to provide that extra processing practice many children need to become better listeners, better readers and better learners.”

Make A Difference

The Gemm Learning program can be life-transforming.  If you’d like to make a difference in the life of a friend, neighbor or family member, please click here.

Fast ForWord on an Apple iPad

Fast ForWord is available on the Apple iPad.

If you would like to be able to do Fast ForWord once in a while you will need to download an app for each program you are using.

Use this iPad Fast ForWord link  and choose the Fast ForWord programs you would like.  Fast ForWord Language and Language to Reading are part of the same app, as is Fast ForWord Literacy and Literacy Advanced.

If you are working on Foundations I, Foundations II or Reading Assistant Plus, no app is required. You can simply log in through the Safari App.

You will be asked to enter Gemm Learning as your “school” (choose Gemm Learning Parent) and you must be an active client for the program to work.

More Fast ForWord on the iPad info here.


Zooming Problem on Macs

Auto-zooming can be an issue on newer apple computers that have a “Magic Mouse.”  The Magic Mouse is the default mouse that comes with new apple desktops. Safari is the default browser on Apple computers and the default mouse settings only impact Safari and other default programs.

There are two ways to fix the automatic zooming.

  1. Download a different browser like Google Chrome which won’t be connected to default system settings and Fast ForWord works well on Google Chrome.
  2. Go into the computer’s “System Preferences” and select the mouse. (System preferences should be an icon on the dock) Uncheck the box to turn off “Smart Zoom.” This will stop automatic zooming from happening in Safari.

Note, if you would prefer not to change the default settings on the computer or use a better browser, the Magic Mouse can zoom out, too. Double tapping towards the left side of the magic mouse zooms in and double tapping towards the right side of the mouse will zoom out. If the settings aren’t changed and the smart zoom is still activated, the student needs to know not to right side double tap over any of the objects in a game to make sure nothing is accidentally registered with the games on Fast ForWord (avoiding a false error).

Internet Speed | How To Test Broadband Speed For MySciLEARN

Scientific Learning recommends 1.54 MB per second (upload and download speed) for the online version.

Most broadband connections are fine, but if you are unsure, here’s a way to test it.

Go to on your computer and select “Begin Test” in the middle of the screen to confirm the current internet speed.   If your speed is only a little below this recommendation, you will probably be fine.  Speeds will vary depending on other Internet traffic in your area at the time of the test.

You may be able to gain speed by making sure there are no other computers online when your child is working on the program.


MySciLEARN Takes You To Staff Page | How To Resolve

Fast ForWord Online Troubleshooting

If you are having trouble logging on to mySciLEARN, Fast ForWord Online, and/or are sent to the staff log-in page immediately after entering the student password, it indicates that an internet filter, parental permissions, or firewall is blocking access to the site.

If you have a firewall, parental control filter in place or a clean router, please create an exception for the MySciLEARN site.

Another possibility is that your Internet provider has blocked the MySciLEARN site due to the high volume of interactivity. To test this idea, if possible, try connecting your computer to a different Internet provider at a different location. If your computer works at a different location, then it is very possible that your Internet provider is blocking our site– please contact your your Internet provider and ask them to allow the sites below.

IP Address

Main Site

Direct Student Login Site

Secure Site

Most Internet providers can do this for you in a few minutes.

MySciLearn Blue/Grey Screen

A recent issue with MySciLEARN, Fast ForWord online, is a blue/grey screen. So far unfortunately, the only solution we have is to download a different browser. Here are links to download Mozilla and Google Chrome.

Tech Specs for MySciLearn

Specs for Online Fast ForWord, called MySciLearn.

If you are wondering how much bandwidth the online version of Fast ForWord consumes, or what bandwidth speed of Internet is needed, or what computer specs are required, look no further!

Tech Specs for Fast ForWord Online, MySciLearn

Trouble Logging on to Fast ForWord Online?

If you are having difficulty logging in, here are some ideas:

  • Are you online?
  • Are your Caps Lock on — that would affect your password log in.
  • Are you pressing Enter instead of using your mouse to click “Continue?”

If you are able to get to the log in, but it does not load, here are two suggestions:

  • Clear your browsing history cache — delete history under Internet Options –if you are using Internet Explorer be sure to uncheck the “Preserve Favorites website data” box at the top.  For more details on how to clear browser history click this post.
  • Try a different broswer.  If you have Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge, try Google Chrome. You can search for the Google Chrome download on your current browser.

Using headphones after AIT

We have had several students come to us after completing their Berard AIT training.  It is my understanding that students should never listen to music with the use of headphones.  The following is a quote from the FAQ sheet of a Berard provider:

“According to Berard, if a person wears headphones to listen to music after receiving AIT, his/her hearing may return to where it was prior to receiving AIT. There have also been several clinical case reports of individuals who experienced a sudden loss of gain after wearing headphones. Berard believes that it is acceptable to listen to speech at a low to moderate level using headphones.” 

You can read the entire FAQ sheet at:

Fast ForWord uses modified speech, not music to train the brain.  Gemm Learning has never had a problem with headphones.

Setting Permission To Solve Fast ForWord Problem in Vista or Windows 7

If your program will not install or will not start it may be because Vista is denying it permission to launch. To adjust the permission settings, proceed as follows.

Right-click the SLC folder and select Properties.

Click the Security tab to access the SLC Properties Security area.

Click the Advanced button to access the Advanced Securty Settings for SLC. Under Permissions Entries, select Users and click Edit.

You will now see the User Account Control screen. Click Continue – you will now return to the Advanced Security Setting for SLC Permissions screen.

Under Permissions Entries, again select Users and click Edit.

You will now see the Permissions Entry for SLC screen. Under Permissions, check the Allow box next to Full Control. Verify that the Allow box is checked next to the rest of the permissions options. Click OK to continue.

You have now returned to the Advanced Security Settings for SLC screen. Click Apply and then click OK until all of the SLC Properties screens are closed. The SLC folder permissions are now set.