Weekly Progress Emails

Understanding Your Weekly Progress Emails

Weekly progress emails are sent by myscilearn@scilearn.com each weekend  It takes your child’s daily work and puts it in readable format.  If you do not have Acrobat Reader for pdfs, download the free reader application here.

The email comes with three PDF attachments.

Here is a guide on how to read the progress emails.

Understanding Weekly Progress Reports

Each exercise works on one or more learning skills noted. The 90% level in each exercise is considered “baseline proficiency”. Everyone starts at 0%, and even if your child is proficient in the skill it will take a few days to get to 100% — the exercises are extremely thorough.

All of the exercises have a working memory and attention stamina component, several have a sequencing or processing speed component.

Please note:

  • It is not uncommon for a student to spend 1-2 weeks at 0% in an exercise  as the brain is confronted with a new challenge.  This is not necessarily a cause for concern.  In almost all cases though, your child will adapt and start making progress. Many students experience quite substantial gains during this period of adjustment.
  • Points achieved in an exercise on any given day are not necessarily indicative of success as the exercise durations vary as does exercise difficulty.  It is very possible to get more questions right on a day, but score less points!  This is because Fast ForWord is all about automaticity, measured by consecutive correct responses, particularly at inflection points required to move to a new level.

For more details on the exercises please go to the relevant program section using the Program Materials tab and download the Exercise Description.  For even more info try the Manual.