Fast ForWord for iPad App

Fast ForWord is now available for the iPad.

If you would like to be able to do Fast ForWord once in a while you will need to download an app for each program you are using.

Use this iPad Fast ForWord link  and choose the Fast ForWord programs you would like.  Fast ForWord Language and Language to Reading are part of the same app, as is Fast ForWord Literacy and Literacy Advanced.

You will be asked to enter Gemm Learning as your “school” (choose Gemm Learning Parent) and you must be an active client for the program to work.

More Fast ForWord on the iPad info here.


White Screen Log In Problems For Fast ForWord Online, MySciLearn

It seems that highly responsive programs such as Fast ForWord/television channels etc are vulnerable to the browser holding corrupted files.  This means a white screen can sometimes be encountered on log in, requiring browsing history to be cleared.

The sequence to clear corrupt files in browsing history after encountering a white screen is:

  1. Close the browser and re-open in a window (not the student log in page)
  2. Clear browsing history — see video below for this
  3. Close browser again, and re-open and student login should work fine.

Click here for Wiki summary of how to clear cache (delete browsing history) in all browsers.

With Internet Explorer, “Preserve Favorite Website Data” must be unchecked at the top when deleting history in the Internet Options tab under Tools, all other boxes checked.

In Safari, you may also have to “Empty Cache.”

If you find your still having difficulty, trying a different browser – Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari that can all be downloaded for no cost. Clear any history as well before logging on to the games should allow access.

Tech Specs for MySciLearn

Specs for Online Fast ForWord, called MySciLearn.

If you are wondering how much bandwidth the online version of Fast ForWord consumes, or what bandwidth speed of Internet is needed, or what computer specs are required, look no further!

Tech Specs for Fast ForWord Online, MySciLearn

Trouble Logging on to Fast ForWord Online?

If you are having difficulty logging in, here are some ideas:

  • Are you online?
  • Are your Caps Lock on — that would affect your password log in.
  • Are you pressing Enter instead of using your mouse to click “Continue?”

If you are able to get to the log in, but it does not load, here are two suggestions:

  • Clear your browsing history cache — delete history under Internet Options –if you are using Internet Explorer be sure to uncheck the “Preserve Favorites website data” box at the top.  For more details on how to clear browser history click this post.
  • Try a different broswer.  If you have IE 9, try Firefox Mozilla, a free browser download here.

What To Expect | Gemm Learning

Using headphones after AIT

We have had several students come to us after completing their Berard AIT training.  It is my understanding that students should never listen to music with the use of headphones.  The following is a quote from the FAQ sheet of a Berard provider:

“According to Berard, if a person wears headphones to listen to music after receiving AIT, his/her hearing may return to where it was prior to receiving AIT. There have also been several clinical case reports of individuals who experienced a sudden loss of gain after wearing headphones. Berard believes that it is acceptable to listen to speech at a low to moderate level using headphones.” 

You can read the entire FAQ sheet at:

Fast ForWord uses modified speech, not music to train the brain.  Gemm Learning has never had a problem with headphones.

How Fast ForWord Allocates Time

In general it will “close out” an exercise at 98-99% and will allocate that extra time to the other exercises. 

And so instead of doing five exercises for 10 minutes each in a 50 minute protocol, it will move to four exercises for 12-13 minutes each, then to three at 17 minutes each.

This happens automatically.  Nothing needs to be done at home.

Adjusting Volume

If you need to adjust the volume in Fast ForWord while you are in an exercise, simply click ctrl and = at the same time, then move the left hand volume control up or down, then click return to the program.

For Mac, click the Apple Icon and -=.