Services We Recommend

Here are a few of our favorite providers, some local to us, some national.

Web or Email Based Services

Wilson Daily Prep, virtual test prep.  This is a daily email service that sends six SAT or ACT questions a day, a steady diet of test prep that has had fabulous results.  It is six minutes a day.  Every error leads to a brief tutorial on that question and test taking strategies that may help figure out the right answer.

Mathletics.  Our favorite math site is  It costs $50-60 a year and has all kinds of grade appropriate cirricula in a motivational format with weekly reporting to parents.   For simple math facts, try this free site:  Math-O at A Plus Math.

Services in New York

Tick Bang is a Westchester-based education advocacy service run by Tara Klein.  She is an ex SEPTA chair for Westchester with a wealth of knowledge on special education and how to advocate for your child.

Coach For Healthy Living.  Westchester, NY based nutrition expert.  Nancy does allergy screenings and provides nutrition advice for students with learning issues.