Language to Reading v2 / Foundations II

Coach Tips

For a quick explanation of how to play each exercise, Language to Reading / Foundations II Coach Tips

Points Sheets

Keeping track of points each day is a great way to motivate and to set goals.  Putting them in a binder is even better.  For weekly point sheets with lots of room for stickers, download Language to Reading v2 / Foundations II points chart here.

To track percentage completion download Percent Completion.

Exercise Descriptions

For more detail on each exercise,  game descriptions and details on the skills worked on in each exercise here: Scope & Sequence.

In Depth Manual

This detailed document explains all aspects of the program.   Find out how to track progress in each exercise (all kinds of markers exist on each screen), learn more about which learning skills each exercise works on and how it helps, find out what keyboard short cuts are available in each game, and lots more.  Download Language to Reading v2 manual here.

Completion Certificate

Print out this certificate for a wall or notice board.   Download Completion Certificate.

Language to Reading v2 Demo

This demo is for the online version. The downloaded version has a different demo menu.