Trouble Logging In?

If you are having difficulty logging in, here are some ideas:

  • Are you already logged in on a different computer?

If you can see the “start” but can’t click on it, you are most likely already open in another window or browser.  The best way to correct this issue to close all open windows, including seeing if a window is minimized.  If this doesn’t work, try restarting the computer as a way of making sure everything is closed.

Be sure to always log out after each session to avoid this in the future.

  • Are you logged into the wrong school — did you use Gemm Learning?

If it does not recognize your username and password there is a chance  you are trying to log into the wrong school account.  Can you see “Gemm Learning” above the user name? If not, go to Gemm Learning home page or click the link here to start again.  Gemm Learning is your school.

  • Are your Caps Lock on — that would affect your password log in.
  • Are you copying and pasting the password or username?

You may have copied a space in error.  So either re-copy or enter it manually.