Gemm City

Gemm City ( is a special place where student work converts into points that can be used to purchase virtual and real prizes.

Points earned playing Fast ForWord, Brainware Safari, or math exercises each session are NOT the same as Gemm City points. Gemm City points are based on program participation and effort each month.  Students who play consistently for the entire month can expect an upload that is generally between 6000 and 9000 points.

We Handle Your Gemm City Enrollment

We will sign your child up for Gemm City.  The idea behind Gemm City is to provide extra motivation and so we deliberately delay enrollment to Gemm City for a few weeks.  Finding out about Gemm City is a reward your child experiences along the way.

You will receive an email from us when Gemm City is set up for your child.  Your child’s username and  password will be the same as his or her username and password for Fast ForWord.

Monthly Points Uploads

New points are awarded around the 5th of each month. Students 12th grade and under will receive an automated email from once points have been distributed.  The email will include a link, allowing students to go directly to their online accounts without logging in.

Students who started or restarted with Gemm Learning in the final days of the previous month, or had less than 5 sessions before the last month’s end, should look for their first substantial upload and email confirmation the following month.

Students with infrequent sessions or frequently skipped games will receive less points than those who complete at least 5 sessions in every 7 day period and play all highlighted exercises regularly.

The number of available points is displayed under the student name on the top right of the screen.

Rewards and Shopping Logistics

Reward categories are shown on the left side of the screen once you log in to Gemm City.  Merchandise costs are displayed under each item description and selecting the arrow to the right of an item will reveal purchasing options or required steps.

Gemm City offers toys and prizes that can be mailed within the US and Canada as well as e-gift cards that can be purchased and used to shop online.

How e-gift cards work:  The first time an e-gift card is selected, students must click on the email address link to confirm the account email address.  Doing so will immediately send an email to the parent email address on file asking you to click and confirm that it is the right email for your child’s account.  Once confirmed, your child will be able to select a gift card dollar amount and purchase the item. Please note, most e-gift cards will be emailed from or

When Your Program Ends

Thirty days after their time with Gemm Learning ends, student Gemm City accounts will become inactive. However, final totals are recorded and can be restored if a student resumes his or her Gemm Learning program(s) at a later time.