Setting Permission To Solve Fast ForWord Problem in Vista or Windows 7

If your program will not install or will not start it may be because Vista is denying it permission to launch. To adjust the permission settings, proceed as follows.

Right-click the SLC folder and select Properties.

Click the Security tab to access the SLC Properties Security area.

Click the Advanced button to access the Advanced Securty Settings for SLC. Under Permissions Entries, select Users and click Edit.

You will now see the User Account Control screen. Click Continue – you will now return to the Advanced Security Setting for SLC Permissions screen.

Under Permissions Entries, again select Users and click Edit.

You will now see the Permissions Entry for SLC screen. Under Permissions, check the Allow box next to Full Control. Verify that the Allow box is checked next to the rest of the permissions options. Click OK to continue.

You have now returned to the Advanced Security Settings for SLC screen. Click Apply and then click OK until all of the SLC Properties screens are closed. The SLC folder permissions are now set.