Fast ForWord Literacy

To see a demo video of each Literacy exercise scroll to the bottom of this page.

Script to Pitch Literacy to a Student

For maximum buy in from your child use this scripted pitch to explain that the brain has more in common with a muscle than with a hard-wired computer.  It will respond to exercise. Gemm is like a “brain gym” — if you work hard you will get results.  If you really want to do better at school and enjoy reading more, work hard at Gemm!    This pitch also explains how each exercise helps learning.  Download the Program Commitment here.

Coach Tips for Parents

For a quick explanation of how to play each exercise, download  Literacy Coach Tips and Literacy Lab Signs_Keyboard Shortcuts.

Points Sheets

Keeping track of points each day is a great way to motivate and to set goals.  Putting them in a binder is even better.  For a monthly points chart download  Literacy points chart.

Exercise Descriptions

For more detail on each exercise, download Literacy game descriptions.  To see what reading and learning skills each exercise works on in a table format downlaod here:  Literacy Scope and Sequence.  Here are Literacy Word Lists.

In Depth Manual

This detailed document explains all aspects of the program.   Find out how to track progress in each exercise (all kinds of markers exist on each screen), learn more about which learning skills each exercise works on and how it helps, find out what keyboard short cuts are available in each game, and lots more. Download Literacy Manual

Completion Certificate

Print out this certificate for a wall, a noticeboard or just as recognition.  Download Literacy completion certificate here.

Literacy Demo

To see the exercise demos, click on “Demos” link above the student name, then on that Demo page click on the arrows to the right of the exercise names and then click on an option, .e.g., Early Exercises, to see the exercise at a level of difficulty.  Each exercise adds speed and complexity as students respond correctly.