Welcome to DreamBox

The DreamBox Learning® Math software provides a deeply personalized learning experience that guides and engages all levels of students. The combination of a rigorous K-8 math curriculum and a motivating learning environment with in-the-moment feedback that work seamlessly together with our intelligent adaptive technology is the DreamBox difference.

This unique combination showcases the power of learning by differentiating content, pace and sequence of each user. Students who use DreamBox develop the strategies, critical thinking skills, deep understanding, and reasoning abilities needed to achieve success.

Accessing DreamBox

To Access DreamBox please follow this link.

We recommend students work on DreamBox a minimum of 60 minutes per week, preferably in three 20 minute sessions, however more is always acceptable. Please note, exercises are NOT automatically timed, so students will have to keep track of time independently.

If you are using an iPad, please download the App for DreamBox and use this code: ws7q/gemml

dream box learningWhy DreamBox?

DreamBox uses learning through exploration with visual and other prompts to help students truly understand numbers.  It’s part of a major new movement, moving away from the rote memorization to math methods towards an emphasis on numeracy, number dexterity that provides a solid foundation for all future math learning.

Learn more about the revolutionary approach of DreamBox here.