BrainWare Safari


The score sheet focuses on levels, which is an opportunity for you to create your own incentive program at home. Most students will get to 60-70 quite easily (42 levels come almost automatically) but after that it is tougher. There are 168 levels in total. Most students get over 100.   Keep track with this Safari points sheet.

For details on how each exercise works and how it helps, download the BrainWare Safari Guide here. 

For an even more detailed manual download this Brainware Safari Complete Travel Guide.

As a reminder:

— the protocol is 5x a week for 30 minutes or 3x for 45 minutes. This works out to about 100 minutes actual exercise time.

— play any games you like, but spend no more than 12 minutes on one game.

The first time signing on, you will be asked to choose a jungle friend. After doing so, head out into the jungle and start doing the exercises as per the attached BrainWare Safari First Ten Sessions.

A few tips:

All games have practice mode (at the top). Use practice mode for a minute or two each time you try a new game.

Llama Logic and Ancient Logic & Reasoning are two games that are different than the others — you will get two tries to answer the puzzle correctly — the games then moves to the next level regardless.

Progress can be checked each day by going to the Jungle Resort.