BrainWare Safari

Installing BrainWare Safari

To download BrainWare please click on the appropriate Windows or Mac link.

Download BrainWare Safari for PC here

Download BrainWare Safari for Mac here

The download process has TWO steps: 1/ DOWNLOAD. Click on the PC or Mac link below and then save to your desktop. 2/ EXTRACT. For PC, right click on the zipped downloaded file and select “extract all” or “extract” to your desktop.

For Mac, it may extract to your desktop automatically. If not, double click to “unarchive” from your Downloads file. When the extraction is complete, open the folder called Brainware Safari 2.5. You will see a square icon with a purple brain in the center. Simply right click on the icon and select Send to desktop. Double click on the icon to open the program.

For an overview of the Brainware program, which we can review before your first session, if you’d like please go to our BrainWare page under Program Documents here.

To see a screen-shot based demo of some of the exercises  click here.