Software Downloads

Install & Enroll For Downloaded Version of Fast ForWord

For download links to the software and instructions on installation AND enrollment. Please note, installation is a two step process: 1/ install the software using a wizard (or manually using a Mac), and then 2/ enroll the student. Here’s a presentation on all aspects of getting started.

Video on Getting Started With Software Download:

For clients who don’t want to wait to schedule a remote session or are unavailable during Gemms’ hours, use the step by step instructions sent to you by email.  We also have videos you can watch on the installation process and a demo of how to use the program.

Preparing for Gemm To Do a Remote Installation and Enrollment

This is an easy, two-step process for both Windows and Mac.  For Windows:

  1. Click the download link sent to you by Gemm and click “save” and choose your “desktop” as your destination.  You will need to download two files — Fast ForWord and the Reading series.
  2. Once downloaded to your desktop, right click to extract to your c:/Program Files.

At this point, you are ready for a Gemm Assisted remote session where we will access your computer remotely, enroll the student and give you a demo.