Understanding Gemm’s Approach

Here’s a quick reminder of how we plan on making a difference.  Our approach has two steps:

  1. Improve cognitive skills necessary for all learning
  2. Help children become active learners who think while reading or listening

First, build a secure cognitive foundation

Your first program gets right to work on the cognitive issues impeding reading and academic progress.   Students start with Fast ForWord Language v2 or Literacy, a powerful program that adapts to the needs of each student.

Once the first cognitive program is complete, students move on to a second set of cognitive exercises (either Language to Reading or Literacy Advanced) that further develops these skills.

Next, learn to think while reading

Once the underlying cognitive skills have been strengthened, most students turn their attention to our reading programs. The reading programs work on decoding, fluency and spelling, comprehension, and higher level critical reading and thinking skills.

All reading programs help the student develop the critical skill of constantly thinking while reading.  Through a variety of exercises that include sorting vocabulary using context clues and critical reading activities that require logical reasoning. Our end goal here is reading comprehension with metacognition,  the ability to think critically while reading — Am I getting this?  Does this fit with what I already understand?  Do I need to read more slowly or get some background material before continuing?  More on reading comprehension with metacognition here.