What to Expect At Home

Session Routine

It’s important to complete all highlighted games each day for the full time allotted. If there are any changes, our staff will notify you by phone or email.


Our program managers will be in touch regularly to review student progress.  You will also receive a detailed report from myscilearn@sclearn.com each weekend that includes information on progress, objectives, errors, and exercise usage.

We view progress daily and are able to see exercise gains, specific challenges, whether or not an available game was skipped, and even if a student seems rushed or let the exercise timer run out without responding.  Our program managers will contact you if a change is needed, schedule remote sessions when exercises become challenging, and offer helpful tips and strategies along the way.

Gemm City (www.GemmCity.com)

Our student rewards site recognizes exercise participation and effort with monthly points that students, 18 and under, can use to shop online.  Prizes include e-gift certificates and merchandise which can be mailed.  All students receive 1000 points during their first month, for starting the program, followed by monthly uploads based on exercise usage.  Playing all assigned games, at least 5 times in every 7 day period, and trying hard each session will result in the most points (usually between 6000 and 9000) each upload.

We recommend browsing the site, creating a wish list at home, and saving up for desired items.  For more information on Gemm City, please click to learn more about Gemm City here.


Fast ForWord is an adaptive program that adjusts to each student’s needs based on exercise responses.  The rate at which an individual progresses through each program will vary and depends on usage, effort, and response to individual prompts and objectives.