About The RPI – FAQ

Test Overview

We use the RPI as a baseline, to help us understand progress through the program and to develop a program plan.  It is not intended to replace a full clinical evaluation.

This is not a timed test, but should not take more than 30 minutes or so.  If your child does not know the material, just click through the material with guesses.

1.     What does the Reading Progress Indicator (RPI) assess? What are the questions like?  Is it all reading?

The RPI looks at phonemic awareness, decoding, vocabulary, and comprehension.  The first section of the assessment is listening, where students listen to words and select the picture or text that matches what was heard.  Then, depending on the grade level, there are passages for students to listen and follow along with and passages to be read independently before answering questions related to the content.


2.     How long is the assessment?

It’s not timed, but generally takes about a half hour.  It may take a little longer or less time, depending on how each student works through the reading section.  The total number of questions is listed in the top right corner, allowing you to view how close your child is to completing everything.


3.      What if my child can’t read?  Can I read the passages to my child?

It’s important for the results to be your child’s own work.  Questions should not be read for students.  If a student is unable to read a selection, becoming frustrated, or unsure of an answer, it is alright to guess.


4.     Why is it OK to guess? What if my child guesses right?

The odds of a student guessing correctly a significant number of times are very slim.  Guessing on questions that the student is unable to determine an answer for, help minimize anxiety while still allowing us to have a picture of the individual’s strengths and areas for growth.


5.     Can my child just skip a question if unsure of the answer or does everything have to be answered?

Every question needs to be answered.  Students will only be able to click on the word “Next” and move on to another question once the one before it is answered.


6.     What if my internet goes down in the middle of the assessment or my child needs to take a break?  Will the previous data be lost?  Will we have to start over from the beginning?

As long as you have logged in and out of the program properly, no data will be lost.  If a student has to stop the RPI in the middle, you can do so by selecting the Exit button.  The assessment will continue from where the student left off the next time he or she logs in.


7.     How do we know when the assessments over?

The word “STOP” will appear in the center of the screen once the entire assessment is complete.


8.     What happens after the assessment?

The results are automatically uploaded to our office, and the next time your child logs in to the program, the starting exercises will be available on the “My Assignments” page.  We will call after the first few sessions in order to review progress in detail.