Establishing a Routine

Tips on Getting Into a Routine

Fast ForWord is a wonderfully adaptive program that engages students by presenting learning objectives in game format.

To establish a healthy routine:

  • Designate a quiet space where your child can work on the program without distractions. (Away from siblings, pets, phones, TV, or front door visitors)
  • Use headphones that cover the entire ear and are NOT noise cancelling for all cognitive programs.  They provide the best sound quality and help tune out distractions.
  • Find a time when your child can be fully focused on the program.  For example, working directly before or after school may be a far more productive session than one attempted shortly before bed or after a stressful activity.  We suggest planning your weekly Fast ForWord schedule at the beginning of each week, whenever possible.
  • Sit with your child for the first several sessions to ensure that he or she understands the exercises and expectations in order to get off to a good start.  Then monitor and support as needed.  As with homework, some exercises may be more independent than others.  Occasional assistance may be necessary to help students understand a new concept or objective.
  • Try taking one or two short breaks in between games can help with motivation and focus in the beginning.  As the program continues, you may find that less breaks are needed.
  • Proper learning posture is still important, even when using an iPad.  We recommend sitting up whenever working on the exercises to maintain focus throughout the session.

Work before events like parties, sports practice, games, etc. — that provides an incentive to work quickly.  We also recommend avoiding work on the program after a party or other activity that drains energy or takes some time to wind down from — it may result in a bad experience that day which can impact future attitudes toward the program.

Keep any rewards you are offering modest, especially early on. The first 2-3 weeks can be a honeymoon period where very little incentive is needed.