Getting Started

Before the First Session

To be ready for your first session you must have first received the Log In Details email from Gemm Learning.  If you have not received the email please contact us at

First Session

 Your First Session in most cases will be an RPI — Reading Progress Indicator — an assessment we use to refine our protocol for the student.  The RPI takes 20-40 minutes and it is the only activity that first day.  The next day (as governed by your computer’s clock) when the student signs on the first Fast ForWord session will load.

Daily Sessions

Each day students logs on then clicks the program icon shown.  Here’s what you need to know:

  • Each exercise is timed.  Once you start you need to finish.  If you need a break you can do that between exercises.
  • Each day complete all the exercises assigned.  If you are doing a  long protocol you will work on every exercise every session.  The 30 minute protocol rotates exercises.
  • When you complete an exercise (get to 100%) the time will be reallocated to the remaining exercises.