To Have Icon Show in Gateway

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If you are assigned a new program, but when you click on the student name it is not in the right hand column, then it needs to be assigned.  To reveal the program icon, please open the Gateway and proceed as follows:

1. Click the enrollment tab.
2. Enter the password: gemm.
3. Click the circle to the left of the center location to reveal the student’s name below.
4. Click the student’s name once.
5. At the bottom right-hand side of the screen click the ‘Assign’ button.
6. You will now see a list of all the programs installed on the drive. Click the checkbox of the program you want to open. Note, if the program has been used before, you will not be able to click the checkbox. Instead click the button that says ‘Resume.’
7. Click OK and wait a few seconds for the change to process.
8. You can now return to the exercise tab and open the games as usual.

How to Exit if a Game Freezes, Restart of Gateway when not working

How to Exit if a Fast ForWord Program Game Freezes

1.    Hit the Windows key (located on the lower left hand side of the keyboard) to restore the toolbar.

2.    Right click the open program (e.g. Literacy) and select close.

3.    You will now be back at the Gateway and can re-open the program.

4.    If the above procedure does not work, proceed as follows:

5.    Hit ctrl-alt-delete keys to open the Task Manager.

6.    Choose “Scientific Learning Gateway” by clicking it once.

7.    Click the End Task button.

How to Exit an Exercise Prematurely

Note: The following procedure will not work if you leave a question or prompt unanswered. 

1.    Answer the current question and do not begin a new question.

2.    Click the Ctrl and = keys on the keyboard to end the game.

3.    Click exit to return to the exercise menu.

4.    Choose a new game or click exit to return to the Gateway.