Welcome to My Gemm! This parent resource site includes helpful videos, downloadable word lists, point sheet and manuals for each Fast ForWord program, an overview of our approach and the science behind it, and more.

Program Materials

Organized by program, this is where to find additional copies of materials, like point sheets and exercise descriptions, that you receive at the beginning of each new set of exercises. It also includes sight word, spelling, and vocabulary lists for specific exercises, demo videos, and detailed manuals.

About Gemm Service

Gemm provides a comprehensive service that at the outset can be a little overwhelming. Be sure to check out the “Service FAQ” tab. If you get stuck on Gemm City, need help understanding your weekly My Scilearn progress email, or have other questions, you will find answers here or by calling us at 877-292-4366.


Gemm lives in the world of learning and reading issues.  We are always coming across resources that we know parents would find helpful.